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Forever in awe about the world in which we live, Dr. Bedri is driven by a constant passion to explore and learn: about science and engineering which expand our knowledge of the Earth, the Universe, and all the hidden possibilities; about music, literature, and art which serve as platforms for beauty, creativity, and imagination; and about languages, cultures, and traditions which lead to new friendships and collaborations founded on diversity, respect, and understanding.  Dr. Bedri’s educational path in life reflects her passions.  She is a cum laude graduate from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering and honors in liberal arts.  She went to medical school at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D. C. - surrounded by magnificent mentors of medicine and compassionate colleagues, national monuments and current events attesting to the rich history of the United States, and a diversity of peoples that call our nation home.   Also at Georgetown, she completed a dual residency program in both pediatrics and internal medicine, becoming board certified in both fields upon graduation.  She continues to be a member of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians, believing that knowledge across the spectrum of life (from infancy to adulthood) provides invaluable insight to the care of children as they grow.  
Having spent much of her childhood as a patient in children’s hospitals – sometimes weeks to months at a time – Dr. Bedri is passionate about preventive care, including well-child physicals, vaccines, and educating families with the knowledge they need for their children to thrive and live happy, healthy lifestyles; but she also has a more deeply personal insight of the compassion, strength, courage, humor, and love that it takes to care for children when they are not well.  Dedicated to caring for children (her true lifelong dream), she has been practicing pediatrics in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since 2005 and continues to maintain active certification with the American Board of Pediatrics.  To Dr. Bedri, as a pediatrician and a parent, each journey with each unique family and child as they grow is both an honor and a blessing.
Like the forefathers that came to this land before us that formed the fabric of this great nation and upon whose shoulders the American Dream stands, Dr. Bedri’s family came to the United States as immigrants.  Now, as United States Citizens, she and her family continue to enjoy traveling and visiting different places - both in the U.S and abroad - but they are honored to call Tuscaloosa home.  Dr. Bedri and her husband have a daughter, a proud native Tuscaloosan and a constant source of love and inspiration, and three colorful cats (probably also native Tuscaloosans).  =)  Together, they enjoy summers on the white sands of Alabama beaches and are avid University of Alabama Football fans!  (Roll Tide!)

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